New York Times Article – “Inside Amazon”

Here is a link to the now infamous / famous 6,000-word New York Times piece, “Inside Amazon" Here are some taster quotes from the article: “Nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk.” “It would certainly be much easier and socially cohesive to just compromise and not debate, but that may lead to the wrong decision.” “I was so addicted to wanting to be successful there. For those of us who went to work there, it was like a drug that we could get self-worth Read more [...]

CEOs’ Top Admired Companies for Use of IT and Digital Capabilities for Competitive Advantage

Amazon's superior position to Google in this list is probably due to the familiar feel of its physical presence through retail, warehouses and delivery to conventional businesses, compared with Google's more "information only" model. Walmart's labs, and its CEO's regular talk track regarding digital, have given it a high profile. GE has always been an "academy firm" that others watch for its next important management moves. It is very self-aware of that reputation and is currently going out of Read more [...]

Superb Article on Persuasion in eCommerce by

How to use persuasion throughout the ecommerce customer journey By Kath Pay When creating and optimising our ecommerce customer journey, not only do we need to ensure that we make this as frictionless as possible, but also that we make it as persuasive as possible.  Our journey today When creating and optimising our ecommerce customer journey, not only do we need to ensure that we have made this as frictionless and easy to use journey as possible, but also that we have Read more [...]

How has Argos Hit £1bn of m-commerce Sales?

Multichannel Argos has leveraged its 700-strong store base in a bid to create “a seamless journey” for customers, according to Home Retail Group’s chief digital officer Bertrand Bodson. This is something the retailer has arguably managed to achieve better than any other multichannel operator in the UK. Bodson described mobile as “a connector between the virtual and the physical world” and claimed that 90% of all Argos purchases touch a store at some stage of the purchasing journey, Read more [...]
Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh in UK by September 2015

Amazon is preparing for the imminent launch in Britain of its online grocery delivery service. Plans for Amazon Fresh are at an advanced stage and it could begin operating in London in September, a development that will have the UK’s already punch-drunk supermarkets reaching for the smelling salts. The service will pit Amazon against online delivery businesses such as Ocado, as well as Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and pile the pressure on a sector that is already battling with falling Read more [...]

Was Amazon Prime Day a Success?

Amazon scored big sales with Prime Day, its first-ever attempt to create its own sales holiday to rival the post-Thanksgiving sales bump that includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The company reported that its Prime Day sales were actually bigger than Black Friday sales, even though they were limited to Prime members. But where Amazon failed was in capturing social buzz from consumers, as well as positive sentiment, as any Twitter user this week could have told you. Based on social Read more [...]

Supermarket SEO – Tesco is #1 and Asda is #2

The research by search and content optimisation leader, Searchmetrics, reveals that leading supermarket sites that perform well in desktop searches also perform well in mobile phone searches in the wake of the recent Google mobile-friendly update. Searchmetrics compared the search performance of nine leading British supermarket websites in desktop and mobile phone searches to assess the impact of the Google mobile-friendly update, the algorithm change designed to downgrade the mobile search rankings Read more [...]

Asda Intelligent Pods

Asda plans to turbocharge its click and collect strategy with the roll out of intelligent pods that store food and general merchandise ordered online until the customer picks them up. The pods are scheduled for rollout early next year, predominantly in London and the South East, in line with the supermarket’s expansion strategy. The introduction of intelligent pods, says Asda, will be able to process ten times more customer orders than existing click and collect outlets. Those outlets currently Read more [...]

Choose Your Own Discounts at Waitrose

Waitrose  says it’s putting its customers in the driving seat as it gives them the power to pick which groceries they save money on when they shop either in a branch or online. The supermarket says its Pick Your Own Offers scheme is a world-first. Customers who are also members of loyalty scheme myWaitrose can now choose ten products they’d like to save 20% on, from a list of almost 1,000. That list includes everyday items as well as special treats and is chosen from the most popular Read more [...]